About Us | Brincar x un autismo feliz

Fundación Brincar x un autismo feliz of Buenos Aires, Argentina – was created in April 2010, through the initiative of two deeply committed mothers of children with autism. Brincar is supported by a group of Argentine families, corporate sponsors, community leaders and the expertise of a team of renowned medical doctors and, health and education professionals specialized in autism. Brincar works for the happiness of children with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex lifelong neurological disorder that affects an alarming number of 1 in 68 children according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a ten-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years. ASD affects over 2 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide. Argentina has no proper statistics so prevalence is based on US figures. This disorder is characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Living a fruitful and rewarding life with autism is challenging and requires a comprehensive network of support and resources.